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Effortless Video Management for Smarter Teams

Bold is your business's own YouTube. A hassle-free, AI-enhanced video platform perfect for small- and midsized businesses. Manage internal comms, knowledge transfer, and onboarding with automated transcriptions and smart content organization.

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Bold Video Library - The modern video cloud

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Features and Benefits

Stop wasting time and money on video content that disappears into the abyss.

Bold Video is a modern Video Cloud that keeps your video content relevant, fresh and discoverable. It's also a headless platform, so you can integrate it into your business in every way imaginable.

Transcribed and Searchable

Transcribed and Searchable

Unlock the full potential of your video content with transcription and searchability

Being able to watch a video in 2x is good. Reading a transcript at 10x is better.
Easily find and share specific segments of your video content, leading to better collaboration and decision making
Available in multiple languages
Transcribed and Searchable
Powerful, time-saving Integrations

Powerful, time-saving Integrations

Import your Zoom or Google Meet recordings with a single click.

Improved productivity and efficiency by easily accessing and reviewing recordings
Better decision making and accountability through clear records of meetings and decisions
Increased training and onboarding effectiveness
Powerful, time-saving Integrations
BYOF - Bring your own frontend

BYOF - Bring your own frontend

Your video content is not like everyone else's. Stop stuffing it into the same box.

Flexible integration with existing systems and design
Best of breed approach with specialized front-end options
Scalable and adaptable to changing business needs
BYOF - Bring your own frontend

Use Cases

How Businesses are using Bold

From town halls to training, video connects everyone, everywhere.

Team Onboarding and TrainingTeam Onboarding and Training
Get new hires up to speed fast with engaging onboarding videos that excite and inform your workforce better than any document could.
Executive CommunicationsExecutive Communications
Create an internal company-branded streaming service to keep everyone united and on the same page with timely video content.
Asynchronous CollaborationsAsynchronous Collaborations
With Bold, your teams get a centralized video hub where they can organize, find, and share the content that helps them work smarter.

By Developers,
for Developers

Use our Starter-Kit to build your Best-of-Bread streaming service almost instantly. Design it to match your company brand. Host it where you need it. Cloud. On-Prem. Hybrid. Your call.

By Developers, for Developers
Top Rating for Bold
Bold takes away the pain from managing our video content and gets out of the way of keeping our video library relevant for the whole organization.
Volker Heyer - Ranger Marketing GmbH

Volker Heyer

Senior Manager Corporate Communications

Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH

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